Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients That Work

So many anti-wrinkle products have huge ingredient lists, but which ones actually work? We decided to dig into all these ingredients in search of REAL proof of effectiveness. Many companies make huge claims about clinical trials, but after a bit of digging, we found out the research was paid for by the company selling the product. Of course, the test results will come out in their favor.

We started with Wikipedia to figure out what all these ingredients were. Then we tried to find evidence of unbiased tests to back up these claims in places like PubMed. Below are a list of ingredients we found to be really effective along with a brief explanation of what the ingredient does.

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1. Deanol
It may be listed as dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE and has been clinically tested to reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. It helps prevent under eye bags, dark circles, sagging skin syndrome, and increases blood circulation to the lips. It is nicknamed, ” face lift in a jar,” for its potency.

2. D3PA
As the initials for dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid, this ingredient is an antioxidant designed to protect the skin. It dilates blood vessels and helps increase the oxygen supply to the underlying layers of the skin.

3. Ubiquinone
This antioxidant works to prevent oxidative damage to cells. It also increases other antioxidant levels to the skin naturally; including Vitamin C. CoQu10 is a common variant of the name of this ingredient in many products.

4. Vitamin C
The anti aging benefits of vitamin c have long been known, but it also has been incorporated into many cosmetic procedures in recent years. Research has shown that ascorbyl palmitate, and other forms of vitamin c are safe and effective alternates to L-ascorbic acid.

5. Hyaluronic acid
This important component of the skin’s framework helps maintain healthy collagen levels and also works as a moisturizer.

6. Argireline
This reduces facial wrinkles like botox does. But, unlike botox, it takes more time to see results. If you wish to avoid surgery, this is a viable ingredient to look for.

7. Vitamin A
By stimulating collagen growth and aiding in resurfacing the skin’s appearance, it will even the skin tone and improve appearance of the skin in no time. It is important to note retinoids can cause irritation and increase sensitivity to the sun.

8. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3
This active ingredient found in Matrixyl has been known to dermatologists for more than a decade now. It helps reduce deep wrinkles and increases collagen production.

9. Almond Oil
An emollient and moisturizer that also works to protect against sun UV damage.

10. Evening Primrose Oil
As a great source of omega fatty acids, this oil helps reduce signs of aging and helps reduce unsightly wrinkles.

11. Edelweiss Extract
This antioxidant has been used for years as an herbal treatment. Holistic professionals claim it helps to reduce sun damage from over exposure.

Although this is not an all-inclusive list of ingredients which work well, it has some of the most potent and best blends to look for in an anti aging product. So, the next time you are shopping for a skin care line, anti aging, and wrinkle fighting product which is truly going to work, these are some of the ingredients to look for in the product’s blend you do choose.

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