With so many products to get rid of wrinkles on the market, what should you choose? Juvaderm XC is one of the many products you can purchase; and, just like all other anti wrinkle products, it will target a specific trouble area users wish to address. This product was designed to help smooth out wrinkles; namely around the mouth and nose area. Here are a few basics about Juvaderm XC.

What is the solution?
Juvaderm XC is a smooth gel filler which your physician will directly apply to areas being treated. Hylacross Technologies manufactures the product giving it the smooth consistency. Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, is also used in this solution which ensures little to no discomfort being experienced during the application of the Juvaderm XC solution.

How does it work?
A surplus of hyaluronic acid is found in the skin when you are younger, which the body naturally produces to help hydrate it. External factors, the natural aging process, exposure to sunlight, and other problems, cause HA levels to decrease as we age. As this occurs, the skin loses volume and you notice sagging areas where there were none years past. This eventually becomes the unwanted wrinkles around the nose and mouth, which Juvaderm XC is intended to treat.

Administered with a fine needle, this non surgical application filler is placed on the exterior layers of the skin. It will help restore hydration to the areas being targeted, resulting in more volume and smoother skin. There are other HA solutions on the market, but Juvaderm XC is manufactured in a unique manner. First off, it is the only filler approved by the Food and Drug Administration for safe use. It is also intended to last for up to one year and it is the smoothest consistency gel filler currently available to patients on the market.

What will it fix?
Juvaderm XC was produced to target areas around the nose and mouth, and will specifically target:
– The smile lines, or small vertical lines which form around the mouth.
– Marionette lines, which form around the corners of the mouth.

Is it safe?
Minimal recovery and downtime has been reported by a majority of patients. Mild side effects are possible- some of these include:
– Swelling.
– Burning.
– Redness and itching.
Prior to having the filler applied, it is in your best interest to speak to your primary care physician to determine if this is the right treatment option for your wrinkles.

Does it really work?
Like any other anti aging and wrinkle product, Juvaderm XC is not going to be the ideal solution for all individuals who want to treat problem areas. Further, not all individuals are a candidate for using this gel filler as a treatment solution for wrinkles. With this said, the Juvaderm XC solution, when it is a viable option for candidates who wish to treat the target areas, have reported great results and it is a popular method for wrinkle reduction as the results last for so long.