New Wrinkle Cream Called Dermalogy

I just noticed there is a new anti-aging treatment called Dermalogy. It appears that it is made by the same people who make Revitol Anti-Aging Solution which is an awesome product. I haven’t tested it or had a chance to see the ingredients, but it looks like its very similar to Revitol except it seems to pack more punch in the eye area.

It comes with an Anti-Aging Cream, Serum and an Eye Cream. The difference in Dermalogy and Revitol seems to be in the Eye Cream. The eye cream appears to focus on dark circles and crows feet.

Another difference is an ingredient called resveratrol which has tons of evidence backing it’s effectiveness against aging. Resveratrol comes from the skin and seeds of grapes. I don’t know of any studies about putting resveratrol on the outside of the skin. The skin absorbs a certain amount of what we put on it, but I would think the best benefits from resveratrol would be by taking it orally.

There are 2 options if you want to try Dermalogy. There is a free trial where you try it for 14 days and if you don’t call to cancel they assume you like it and want more. If you decide you don’t like it simply call and cancel and you will only be out of shipping and handling. Here’s a link: Dermalogy Free Trial

The other option is to buy it! That’s if you don’t want to have to remember to cancel the free trial. I try to be very obvious when talking about free trials, because people don’t read what they are getting. They see free and go hog wild! That’s just one reason I recommend the pay for it option, but the other reason is that you can get a huge discount by getting more of it. Here’s a link if you want to buy Dermalogy.