Lancome Genifique Review

As the first anti aging skincare product from Lancome, Lancome Genifique was created to help produce visibly smoother and finer skin in a matter of only seven days. Over a ten year period Lancome developed this product which now holds seven international patents. The finding that there are specific genes which produce specific proteins that can be found on the skin’s surface is where the success of Lancome Genifique lies. The product is said to help restore these proteins which are lacking in your body to provide that youthful appearance once again.

How will it work?
Due to the gene boosting factor, Lancome Genifique is said to be a successful option to help target wrinkles. It helps stimulate production of the youth proteins which naturally diminish as we age. In order to use this solution, all you have to do is apply it to the skin in the morning and in the evening after cleansing. A small dab with each application is more than enough to provide users with the results they are hoping to see.

What can it do for users?
Women using Lancome Genifique reported that they noticed more shine and texture immediately upon beginning to use this solution. The site claims users will notice more vibrant and radiant skin and a smoother, cushiony texture. Your skin will also be silky to the touch. It is also stated to help reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines over time as well. Other users claim it has helped reduce areas of discoloration to the skin over time too.

How safe is it?
Although it is clinically tested, some women claimed that upon applying the Lancome Genifique product, they did notice irritation to the skin at areas of application. Breakouts of the skin were the most highly reported side effect in these women, but simply cutting back the amount used on the skin allowed these users to continue with the topical solution. Some women had to discontinue use because of the breakouts it was causing.

Will it work for me?
With so many women who have used the Lancome Genifique, a high percentage of them claim that it is a product that, which if properly used, does produce the results you want to see. You would be surprised to find that the biggest complaint and issue most women have with the skin care products that are being used on a daily basis, is not the results they attain, but the high cost which they are paying to purchase the skin care products they use each day.

With the claims of positive results by most women, it is also important to note that not all women had such positive results when using the Lancome Genifique solution. In fact, there were a number of women who claimed that they did not see any results. As is the case with nearly any skin care product, this is a potential letdown for some who are not going to have the high success they hoped when treating wrinkles and fine lines.