Hydrolyze Clears Up Those Dark Circles

If you take good care of your skin, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep, and are still bothered by those persistent wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes, take heart, this condition may be due to other factors. Many dermatologists agree that those persistent dark circles among people who take good care of themselves, are largely due to capillaries, which lie close to the skin’s surface, and leak blood, giving this transparent skin a blueish tone.

Knowing the cause is one thing, but what can you do about it? The skin cream known as Hydrolyze claims to provide a topical cream to erase those dark circles and minimize the wrinkles under your eyes. This cream, which is recommended for the under eye area only, contains two main ingredients, Matrixyl and Haloxyl, which work in different ways to prevent and diminish the appearance of those circles and wrinkles. By stimulating the production of collagen, to fight wrinkles, and adding enzymes to clear skin cells of unwanted pigments, this cream seems like it is the magic bullet. Together with a good diet, overall skin care, and plenty of sleep, Hydrolyze could be the answer to a skin condition which has plagued women for years.