What is in That Pot of Juve Miracle Cream?

Our faces are our calling cards. We like for them to be as healthy and young looking as possible. We are riddled with so many different products promising so many miracles, that it is hard to decide what to use. In reviewing one of the products, Juve Miracle Cream has been found that since they label all ingredients on the side, it is easy to take a look into what benefits the cream offers. It comes in a pot, which already should send a flag that the ingredients may not stay fresh for long if it is constantly exposed to oxygen. Dipping your fingers into it also leaves traces of bacteria behind. Aside from the packaging, let’s look at the promises made by examining some of the ingredients.

Argireline, is a relatively new ingredient that affects the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines. Be careful, it hasn’t been through a great deal of rigorous testing yet. The other ingredients prove to smooth and moisturize, which should iron out some of those fine lines and make the skin appear smoother. Juve Miracle Cream lists a great deal of herbal supplements that have also not been tried and tested often enough to get the exact results of how it will effect your skin. The bottom line is, use it with caution. There shouldn’t be anything in there that will harm you, but you may not get the appearance that you desire.