Elizabeth Arden Prevage Review

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage is one of the most popular anti wrinkle treatment product lines available on the market today. Although there are several options to choose from in the Prevage line, the main goal with all of them is to slow down the signs of aging, rid the skin of wrinkles, and help create a smoother, finer, younger looking appearance. Elements which are harmful in the environment, including free radicals, are also treated by reducing the possibility that they will attack the skin when using this line of anti wrinkle products. You can also request a prescription of the Prevage line from your doctor. However, the main different between the prescription and non-prescription versions is basically that there is a higher level of Idebenone with a prescription. All other active ingredients in the products are similar.

How does Prevage actually work?
Upon application to the skin, the active ingredients penetrate the skin’s surface immediately and begin restoring skin tissues immediately. Idebenone is the main, most well known active ingredient in the product line. This ingredient is said to help fight free radicals which are created by stress factors normally found in the environment. It has been proven that the elements in our environment alone are responsible for up to 80% of skin aging; in turn, Idebenone is the ideal ingredient to help fight this and bring this number down.

Antioxidants have a number of benefits, including helping preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. Kinetin, COQU10, alpha lipoic acid, and other antioxidants are known to help improve the skin’s appearance. With this said, Idebenone is the most powerful solution available and will provide the most benefit to preserving the skin’s appearance.

What will Prevage do for you?
Basically, it is said to help slow down the speeds at which aging occur. This provides an additional protective barrier to the skin’s exterior surface, helping prevent different environmental stressors from causing further damage to the skin. It will correct issues as well as preserve the skin’s appearance over time.

Is it safe for use?
When using the prescription, you are supposed to apply it using a test patch on areas of the skin being treated. This ensures no adverse reactions will occur to different areas of the skin. The non-prescription version is not as potent. With this being said, it is best to also take this precaution, and apply it using a test patch, to ensure it is not going to harm, damage, or otherwise interfere with the skin’s natural balance.

Does it work?
Prevage has gotten a number of mixed reviews, both for prescription and non-prescription versions. So, whether it works or not is basically going to depend on who you talk to, and the experience they had with the product. This is the case with nearly any skin care product you find on the market. So, it is best to test it for yourself, to see how well it works for you, before actually giving it a final grade.