Is Solange Daily Anti-Aging Serum All It Is Cracked Up To Be?

Shoppers must look carefully at skin care products to make sure they are getting what they are told. Looking into the ingredients and finding out the effects of them is an important step in finding a good product to deliver on its promises to make your skin feel and look healthy as well as be good for you. Solange Daily Anti-Aging Serum promises to give you a healthy, beautiful face and also gives 1% of its sales to the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is a great donation to be sure, but is the product good for your skin?

The Solange Daily Anti-Aging Serum promises much, but delivers a little more than promised. It doesn’t list its ingredients, but after some research, it seems that most of the ingredients it contains does not directly help remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does have some properties that help firmness and hydration like the NAB mushroom extract. Other than that, it has some not so positive ingredients. One of them being an iodine-based preservative that can show limited evidence of gastrointestinal or liver toxicity. This latter ingredient is restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan. You should examine all ingredients of a product before you use them.