Are the Ingredients of StriVectin-HS Serum Helpful or Harmful for Your Body?

After doing a great deal of research on skincare products, you should soon become an expert and start to recognize certain ingredients and how they affect your skin. When you are looking over the ingredients in the StriVectin-HS Serum, you will begin to realize that most of them are moisturizers and emollients. They don’t seem to contain any anti-wrinkle ingredients as promised. After water, the next ingredient is tripeptide. Specialists stated that after twelve weeks of twice daily applications of manganese tripeptide, reports of the appearance in signs of photo aging improved slightly. It wasn’t the wrinkles that were improving. It was the hyperpigmentation. This makes this a very expensive skincare regimen.

Another ingredient that is surprising in the StriVectin-HS Serum is albumen. Albumen is a scientific term for egg white. Egg whites aren’t so expensive, right? The fifth ingredient in the serum is sodium polystyrene sulfonate. This particular ingredient is a medication used to treat high potassium levels. It is not usually used topically, but is ingested into the body orally and/or rectally and it can have side effects. Remember, if you are looking for good skin care, it is important to do your research and know what you are getting. There are good products available, but you may have to spend time looking for the right one for you.