StriVectin-SD Review

If you are looking for a skin repair solution which is intended to treat aging skin, skin with excess wrinkles, as well as stretch marks, StriVectin-SD is one product to consider. It originally was intended to treat only stretch marks, but with over 6 million bottles sold globally and high success rates, the company branched out. Now scientists for the company developed a product which can treat signs of aging which uses a patented molecule blend. This blend is known as NIA-114. This has been found to help rebuild dead layers of skin cells. This has been integrated with StriVectin-SD to produce exceptional results for many users.

How It Works

The StriVectin-SD concentrate is intended to repair damaged and wrinkled skin by applying it twice daily to the problem areas to be treated. The solution will begin penetrating the skin upon application and stimulates specialized cells which are responsible for helping to rebuild collagen levels. Collagen basically supports the skin’s structure and helps with improved elasticity. It also helps reduce stretch marks and the appearance of aging, sagging skin over time as well.

There are a variety of peptides in the StriVectin-SD solution responsible for producing various types of collagen. The result is healthy looking skin, vibrant appearance, and improvements in tone, texture, and discoloration to areas of the skin which are being treated with it.

Will It Work for You?

Results have been medically verified by researchers. What are the test methods for researching StriVectin-SD?

– Wrinkle treatment: Skin tone appeared finer in areas which had wrinkles and appeared more vibrant upon application. There was a noticeable decrease in brown spots as areas of discoloration.

– Stretch marks: The skin became smoother and more even toned in areas which were treated using StriVectin-SD.

Is It Safe for Use?

A number of users have experienced a flushing sensation during treatment with StriVectin-SD. This is namely due to the NIA-114 technologies which are used. It should not last for a period of more than one to two hours after use and is considered to be a normal side effect by many users of the product. With continued use, this is a side effect which is also likely to go away after a period of time. There were no reported side effects by users other than the flushing, burning sensation.

Does It Work?

Using StriVectin-SD over time, many users have had great success upon applying the product on a regular basis. However, the results do vary for users. Not everyone is going to realize the same great results, as is the case with any other skin care product you can purchase on the market today.

Like any product on the market, StriVectin-SD is not the perfect product. And, for certain users, the results are going to be greater for one person than for another. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to use any StriVectin-SD product and any other skin care treatment in general.