Top 2 Wrinkle Products Compared

When it comes to anti wrinkle products, what works and what won’t work? Educating yourself is where the answer to this question lies. Clinical trials shouldn’t guide you; and, when you apply something to your face daily, you should know it is not only effective, but safe for application as well. Our researchers used Pubmed to go through real research and find the answers for you. There are many products which contain junk ingredients, so here is a list of a few ingredients we found which are going to work and are safe.

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It is often listed as dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE, and has been clinically proven to plump the skin’s appearance. Smoothes out lines and fine wrinkles and increases circulation and improves skin tone. By firming the skin below the surface, this ingredient is hailed as a face lift in a jar.


Dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid aids in creating a barrier for skin defense. It opens up blood vessels to increase circulation and carries oxygen and vital ingredients including vitamins to the skin’s outer layers.


Oxygen can damage the skin and antioxidants like this one help prevent that. It fights oxidative damage like Vitamin C, and tightens the skin as well. Ubiquinone is often listed as Coq10 or Coqu10.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

For years Vitamin C has been hailed for anti aging benefits, but not all forms of it are as effective and many can even irritate the skin. Vitamin C esters like Ascorbyl Palmitate are far more beneficial than l-ascorbic acid, which does irritate the user’s skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Primarily known for moisturizing, this natural ingredient decreases in production in our system as we age. Hyaluronic acid boosts collagen levels  and helps fight the sign of aging, sagging skin.


Like botox, it helps lessen wrinkles; unlike botox, it does need some time to work. It is subtle and a safe alternate to botox.

Vitamin A

Known as retinoids, it is well known in fighting wrinkles. It also increases collagen production and helps improve moisture levels in the skin. It is important to note many people are irritated by retinoids, so it is a good idea to use sunscreen in order to test this product.

Our Top Two Anti-Aging Creams:

#1 LifeCell Anti Aging Treatment (What the stars use!)

Lifecell Image

Anti-Aging Rating: 5 out of 5
Guarantee: 120 days
Price: $189.00
Shipping: $0
Supply: 40 Days
Anti-Aging Effectiveness: Extremely Good
Ease of Use: Extremely Easy
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent
Website Safety: Extremely Secure

LifeCell surpasses all competitors. Deanol, D3PA, Coq10, and other powerful ingredients are found on the list. This literally rejuvenates the skin and many stars swear by it. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens tone, treats dark spots, firms the skin and helps plump the lips. It is free of parabens and harmful ingredients and only contains all natural ingredients, making it safe and effective for any user.

One thing to consider when it comes to LifeCell is the price tag. But, with this said, it is an all in one product, which means you won’t have to buy any other to help in the anti aging treatment you are going to do. And, with this said, when you buy the best and expect the best results possible, you are going to pay a high price tag for it. So, keep in mind it is pricier than many other products out there, but that is because it truly works and is going to deliver on their promise.

If you wish to see maximum results, also remember it will take 3 to 6 months to see them. If you give it some time, and follow the directions on the product, you will be more than pleased with your experience. You are going to highly tout this product to friends and family to try it out as well.

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#2 Revitol Anti Aging Solution

Anti-Aging Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Guarantee: 90 Days
Price: $59.95
Shipping: $7.94
Supply: 2 Months
Anti-Aging Effectiveness: Excellent
Ease of Use: Very Easy
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent
Website Safety: Extremely Secure

With remarkable value for the price, this is number two on the list. It is manufactured by a small company and relies on word of mouth referrals. Because of this, and because of limited advertising and more research, the company developed an excellent product and passed savings on down to the customer.

With coq10, Vitamin E, Deanol, D3PA, and peptide complexes, you are truly receiving the best. The ingredients work together to tone, moisturize, soften and smooth, and protect aged skin. With reflecting particles, this product and LifeCell, will produce the look of reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Most creams range for $80 to $100 for one or two products; for Revitol, you get three times this amount for the same price. If you are a budget shopper, and want high quality ingredients, Revitol won’t steer you wrong when it comes to anti aging treatments.

At the current time, Revitol is also offering a special, so you can save even more on the cost of your anti aging treatment products. On their site, you can buy four and get two free for just under $240. This means up to one year supply of product for less than $240. This is unheard of by any other company on the market in terms of the anti aging product lines which are currently being sold and claim to be the best. For what you are going to receive, and for the results you are going to see when using the product as it is directed on the package, you truly can’t find a better deal available today.

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Bottom Line

Depending on your budget, any of these products are going to produce the results you want to see. LifeCell is pricey, but is the best; if you want an alternate at a lower rate, Revitol will suit you fine. And, backed by clinical studies and proven results, you are going to see the results you want to see.

Most companies spend money on advertising and product claims, rather than back up their product with real research. For products you see on TV making such high claims, you are typically seeing products which have several fillers and byproducts and they don’t do what they promise. You deserve the best, and you have the right to know what you are putting on your face. Think twice before investing and consider these product lines instead.